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Why on earth have I started yet another web diary? Well, I realize how slow I am at updating this Random Shoujo Manga page, but know that I do want to keep everyone who looks at my page up to date with whatever random manga ramblings I may feel like babbling. I have no idea if anyone would be interested in reading this diary, but what the heck, I'll add entries to it anyway. Expect to find here my comments on the various manga I have bought that day or week, and other comments I have on shoujo manga in general. Sometimes I don't have time to sit down and write out full summaries, but have found shoujo manga series I'd like to talk about so this seems like a good place to do it. If anyone should actually read this and have any comments on my shoujo manga ramblings, just post over on the bulliten boards I guess ^_^ Thanks!

Oh boy *_* This weekend I went to LA and spent the usual WAY TOO MUCH MONEY on manga *_* We hit Mandarake, Kinokuniya, Asahiya, another used manga store, another random anime goods store, and Animate. In one day @_@ It was exhausting but fun! This seems like a good place to list all the loot I brought back :D Here goes....

Adesugata Junjyo BOY bunko #1 by Fujisawa Toru (author of GTO)
Cherry no Manma #1-4 by Emiko Sugi
Idol wa Ippai #1 by Takako Aonuma
Pops #1 by Ryo Ikuemi
Koi ni Narumade by Chi-ran
K.O. Girl by Minami Nanase
Taiyou to Tsukito by Haruko Iida
Go Go Heaven #1 by Keiko Yamada
DNAngel #4 by Yukiru Sugisaki
Kyou kara Orewa! #1-5 by Hiroyuki Nishimori
Trigun #3 by Yasuhiro Nightow
GO GO Souothland Icehockey Club #16,20 by Kohji Kumeta
Wedding Cake wo Buchikowase, by Iisaka Yukako
Konya wa Tsuki Hikari Shounen by Iisaka Yukako
Vamp ni Bara Bara by Iisaka Yukako
Ryuken Boy by Yukari Ito
Ramen Ikaga?! by You Higuri
GPX by Masaki Sano and Kyo Watanabe
Millenium #1-2 by Rui Alicegawa
Komisch #4 by Tachibana Kaimu
Warning! #1-3 by Ellie Mamahara
UBU-UBU #1-2 by Emiko Sugi
Oishii Kankei #2-4 by Satoru Makimura
Love Experience #1-2 by Tohru Kuni
Electric Hands by Taishi Zaou
Taiyou no Senshi Poka Poka #1 by Kohji Kumeta
To-y #1-10 by Atsushi Kamijo
Tasogare no Himekimi #1-2 by Ellie Mamahara
Family Compo #1-10 by Hojo Tsukasa
7x7D by Kagami Haruki
Alichino #2 by Koryu Shurei

Aww, so it looks like my total tankoubon count was only about 65 ;_; I think everyone else got more than I did :( But I did also get some other non-tankoubon things:

2 Yu Yu Hakushou doujinshi by Yuri Narushima (author of Young Magician)
1 silver egg-shaped Hanazakari no Kimitachi E alarm clock
HanaKimi keychain
HanaKimi notepad
HanaKimi clear postcards
1 Wolfwood x Vash Trigun Doujinshi
1 FruitsBasket Doujinshi
Shitajiki (pencilboards) for: DNAngel, Tokyo Underground, and Gaya
Gokinjo Monogatari (Neighborhood Stories) OST 2 CD
1 Akemi Takada Artbook
BoogiePop Phantom Artbook
1 Kazuma Kodaka doujinshi
1 Hummingbird (the band that is the real 'Firebomber from Macross 7) CD
4 little cells of Roger from the Big O anime (not great cells, but ROGER!)

Needless to say, I won't be spending any more money on manga stuff for a while @_@ I'll be living on Macaroni and cheese for the next few weeks, too ^_^;;;;;

Well, time for me to go to sleep!

Added: Monday, January 22, 2001,03:34 a.m.

Eep, it has been a while since I posted in here! Gomen!

I have been doing my usual manga-splurging lately ^_^ Recent acquistions are teh 2nd volume of Luna Lunatic, volume 3 of Angelic Layer, a whole bunch of cute random things that I REALLY need to summarize in the Random Shoujo Manga Page, and more. Right now I have another series I am hooked on, and it is only on chapter 2! Yes, I always buy an issue of the manga phonebook called "Cheese!" when it comes out. All the stories in it are unrealistic and ecchi and fun, I can't resist! Cheese issue #1, 2001 featured the beginning of a new series by the author of 'My Darling Lion". The new series is called "Yuuwaku Healing", and I am having so much fun reading it! It is about a girl named Miu who has a cute boyfried named Nagisa. On Miu's 16th birthday, they go to a hotel and try to have sex for the first time, but Miu finds that she just can't do it. She loves Nagisa very much, but he just doesn't thrill her physically. Nagisa, being a sweetheart, doesn't try to pressure Miu, and is very understanding. Later on the way home, Miu is on a crowded subway train. IN the crush, she ends up pressed against a strange (but totally handsome) guy. Immediately her heart beats like it never has before. She feels all warm and excited, a reaction she never had with Nagisa! How odd that this handsome stranger (he looks to be in his mid 20s) could thrill her so much! At school the next day Miu is stil worried about her lack of enthusiasm for Nagisa so she decides to go to the school councilor to talk about her problem. But woah- the school councilor is the guy she ran into on the subway train! (of course!) So, feeling all warm and turned on (^_^;;) Miu explains her problem to the councilor (whose name is Ujyou-sensei). They are just beginning to discuss Mius problem when who should walk into the councilor's office but Nagisa! Poor Miu is embarrassed to be caught talking to the coucilor, especially wit the doki-doki way she feels about him. But things get stranger. Nagisa greets the councilor as his DAD! WOAH! It turns out that Ujyou-sensei, who is 27 years old, is the father of Nagisa, who is 16! (yow!) Amazingly enough, Ujyou-sensei (who is quite hot an has a charisma about him) is attracted to Miu also! So here we have a strange love triangle- Miu, Nagisa, and his Dad! Even more fun are the slight yaoi hints between Nagisa and Ujyou sensei (hahahaha) that have Miu all freaked out (though I think it's all just innocent). And, like all good shoujo manga, Miu ends up kind of living with Nagisa and Ujyou! Lots of romantic tension there ^_^ This is really a funny story ^_^; There are only 2 chapters so far, so no tankoubon yet, but I look forward to getting the tankoubon when it comes out ^____^
Added: Thursday, January 11, 2001,09:31 a.m.

Oops, it has bee na while since I updated in here! Well,lets see, I went to kinokuniya again! I walked out with 6 tankoubon. Ouch! I have been getting more and more shounen manga lately. There is something about some shounen manga art styles that I really like!

Right now there is a shounen manga series I am really enjoying. It's called "Tokyo Underground", and it is by Akinobu Uraku. As the name implies, it involves an underground civilization. There is this group of magic users (each one has a power over a specific thing. The heroine in this has the power of gravity, for example) who end up busting in on the life of a typical deliquent high school boy. He ends up joining with them and gets some pretty nifty powers too. The plot is very exciting, and the art style is so cute!

Hmm what did I buy today... lets see, I got a lot of random stuff. One thing is a tankoubon collection of short stories from the manga anthology 'Cheese!'. 'Cheese!' tends to run fluffy, mindless shoujo stories with lots of sex. Heh I am a fan of smutty shoujo manga, like I have said before ^_-

I also got something called 'Tokyo Requiem' by Ayumi Kasai and Syuhou Imai. This has very detailed artwork, and nice bishounen *_* I haven't examined the story yet, but it has a lot of supernatural stuff. The manga originally ran in Asuka Fantasy DX, so you can get an idea of the type of story. I see lots of people in cool clothes with magic fighting other people and icky monsters. But it's so pretty!

Next I picked up 'Honeymoon Salad', a shounen manga by Hikaru Ninomiya. This one has a cute cover and a surly looking guy on the back. I have a weakness for surly boys! It's about a relationship triangle betwee a salaryman guy, a girl he meets one day on the street when she runs into him, and a girl he used to like in school. There is sex in this one too, but I was totally not expecting it. It's interesing to compare the depiction of sex in shoujo vs shounen manga.....

Oh, oh, I got another You Higuri manga, 'Lost Angel'. His isn't one of you Higuri's recent works or anything, but it is one I have been missing. I liked it. Angsty, shounen ai, wings... *_*

RAR! I know volume 13 of Hanazakari no Kimitachi e is out now, I saw someone selling a copy on Yahoo Japan auctions! Darnit, why hasn't my Kinokuniya received their stock of this yet!? I want it noooooowwwwww! ^_^

OK, enough babbling from me. Ja ne~
Added: Wednesday, November 29, 2000,11:43 p.m.

I have been an artbook ho lately ^^ In the last month I have purchased a Range Murata art box, the second Angel Sanctuary artbook, one of the Saiyuki artbooks, an EsperS artbook, a Kaikan Phrase artbook, a Gravitation artbook, and more. It's an evil addiction!

Lets see, on the manga ront, Katte ni Kaizou volume 9 is out! YAY! I will be updating my kaizou page soon! I also found another shounen manga that I think may be just as strange as Katte ni Kaizou. It's called 'Discommunication'. I will have to put up a description for it somewhere, it is so.... strange O_O
Hmm lets see. I found a manga called Yamato Nadesico that is very cute. It has some really cute guys in it ^^ I have only glanced at the plot so far, and it looks like this scary looking girl with lots of black hair that covers her face, ends up moving in with these 4 hot bishounens ^^ The girl is really antisocial, and sort of goes psycho and SD a lot. I haven't figured out why she is living with the bishounen yet ^^; She does like to keep her hair in front of her face and doesn't like being around the guys very much. This may stem from a time in her past when she declared her love to a guy, and he said he didn't want to be with someone as ugly as her. Ouch! Ah, but what does that head full of long scrubby black hair cover now? Is the girl still ugly? The guys she lives with now are sort of curious to find out....

Added: Friday, November 10, 2000,09:04 a.m.

This week's trip to Kinokuniya was a good one. They had Hana to Yume # 20. Yay! I was so curious to see what would happen in HanaKimi. Don't read pas this if you don't want to know what happens ^_^ In issue #19, it ended with Sano asking Mizuki if it was OK if he kiss her. (what a cliffhanger!) I was expecting them to be interruped or something in this chapter, but to my surprise, they weren't. However they did not kiss (doh!) it sort of just became a really intense moment, andMizuki got all teary, and Sano didn't do anything. Then eventually Nakatsu comes in (wearing a Rage Against the Machine sweatshirt, hahaha) and notices Mizuki's tears, and goes ballistic. For most of the chapter, Mizuki and Sano are both agonizing over the 'moment' they shared, and are uncomfortable around each other. Sano wants to talk to her, but they are ontinually interrupted by their new roommate. There are a LOT of good Sano/Mizuki shots in this chapter *_*

I also got a couple of volumes of this 'DanDan' series by Rie Takada. Unfortunately, I only got vols 2-3 (darn things weren't numbered on the spine of the book) but I read through them anayway because the art is so cute. It looks like it's about a guy who is a 3rd year in high school (a senior), and a girl who is a 1st year. They are apparently engaged O_O Volume 2 begins with her living with him. Apparently he decided he would marry her when she was still in junior high O_o okay.... I still want to get volume 1 though, because I want to see how the couple first met. Some of the things he says later on interest me... Anyway, I really like Rie Takada's artwork. She is the author of 'Wild Act' too. I think I actually like her art better in these 'DanDan' books though.

oh! Kinokuniya also had the new issue of "South". This is a fantastic magazine. I LOVE the artwork. Too bad there was no Komisch chapter in this issue. But Diamond Century had a great cover image *_*
Added: Thursday, October 12, 2000,09:53 a.m.

Yay, I went to Kinokuniya again today and of course walked out with more shoujo manga (as if I needed any more @_@) I found volumes 2 and 3 of "Shoujo Shounen", that series by Yu Yabuuchi that I have a summary for on the shoujo manga page. And yep, all three volumes now have the exact same premise: A cute boy ends up masquerading as a girl and becomes an idol. Each boy is surrounded by three similar characters: the 'girl next door' who always knew the boy, the 'cute, nice idol girl' who the boy ends up working with, and 'the jealous female rival' who doesn't like our hero at all. All three volumes have the same insanely cute art style too, and all feature a section at the beginning of the volume of various real life photographs with the manga characters drawn into them. From an ad at the beack of volume 3 I see that there is a volume 4 of this too! With the same plot yet again!

I alo picked up a couple more volumes of Legend of Basara. I love this series. I was hooked on it from watching the anime, and I am slowly working my way through the manga. I am now up to volume 15. So many more volumes to go @_@ I need to summarize it for my page!
Added: Thursday, October 5, 2000,09:09 p.m.

I am so easily amused. I like the silliest, most pointless cheezy manga, I swear. Right now I am really hooked on one author's works. Her name is Yuki YOSHIHARA, and she creates manga that is basically silly sex comedy. I know it's cheezy, but I can't help but love it. It's sort of like the guilty pleasure of reading Shinjo Mayu's Kaikan Phrase' series. Yoshihara-sensei's art style is pretty, IMHO. It's simple, and clean, and, well, she draws guys well :) But the stories she writes all have a LOT of sex in them. It isn't smutty hentai sex, but a sort of shoujo compromise ^_^;;; Every chapter seems to have a sex scene (her series do usually run in Sho-Comi Cheese! magazine) but there is plenty of humor. Like the heroines going super-deformed at the most unusual moments. For example, the series that introduced me to Yoshihara-sensei's works is a manga called "Darling wa Namanono Nitsuki" I am not sure what the title means, but it is about this girl who works during the day as an office lady, and during the night as a hostess at a hostess club where all the other girls there are actually guys in drag. They entertain (flirt with, serve drinks to, etc) businessmen. One night a handsome young man comes in. The heroine likes him a lot. They first meet when she spills a hot drink on her shirt and he rushes to help her, claiming to be a doctor. He is so helpful, he takes her to the bathroom, where he kindly soaks her chest (where the hot liquid fell) and removes her shirt. Pretty smooth for the first meeting. Our heroine likes the doctor though. Their next meeting is good too. At the office the next day, our heroine is stunned to discover the new company doctor is the same guy who rubbed her naked chest the night before. LUCKY! The series is silly enough that the main couple end up married by the end of the first chapter. What follows is their adventures as a married couple. They don't know each other very well, but they sure are good in bed. The heroine is so cute though, she *really* likes sleeping with her new husband and often wears *him* out! She eventually trains her husband enough so that he is willing to wear the underwear she likes on him (these briefs with little animals all over them) and gets him to fill in at the hostess club (by dressing IN DRAG) when they need extra help. I rwalize that all of this sounds cheezy. It is. but it's so funny! You just have to read it, I guess ^_^;;;;; Here are some scans of the covers. I am a sucker for teasing, ecchi covers like these....
Volumes 1&2*   back covers of 1&2Volumes 3 & 4back covers of 3&4front and back of volume 5

See? ^_^;;; Anyway, all of her series are pretty funny.
Added: Wednesday, September 27, 2000,9:16 a.m.

Well, here is the first entry in my new manga webdiary. I guess I'll start this off by mentioning that I went to Kinokuniya again yesterday. Ugh, I spend too much money at that place. I go at least once a week. This week I bought more random stuff, mainly shoujo, with one random shounen titl called 'RAVE'. Rave looks somewhat interesting. The coover of volume 1 has this freaky-looking snowman creature with 4 legs holding a lollypop. Um... okay.... The hero of teh manga looks sort of like Cloud, and has one of those bigass swords. It looks like the manga is about the hero, Haru, and his big sword and some quest across a future landscape (that was destroyed by some explosion 50 years ago and now everyone has to rebuild) in search of something or other. I need to read it more. The art style is kind of waky, but not shounen-ugly. (I guess by shounen-ugly, I mean like the artwork in ping-pong club or something). Hmm what else did I get... Finally got the volume of Legend of Basara I had been missing (Volume 3). Of course that means I am still stuck at volume 16, but at least I filled up the gap in 1-16 that I had :) OK, enough rambling now, gotta get back to work! :D
Added: Monday, September 25, 2000,12:04 p.m.